Say Hello To The Fastest M Car Yet

     Yesterday, BMW introduced us to it’s fastest M car to date, the 2018 BMW M5. This vehicle has been highly anticipated since the release of the redesigned 5 series earlier this year. What can we expect to see from this M5? For starters, this f90 generation BMW M5 is the first of it’s kind to send power to all four wheels. This M5 is the first non-SUV M car to have an all wheel drive system. Utilizing all four wheels, the M5 goes from 0-60 in only 3.2 seconds, making it quite obviously BMW’s fastest M so far. Under the hood is a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 600 horsepower and 553 lbs-ft torque. The peak torque comes in at just 1,800 rpm which will allow for a terrific launch. At 5,700 rpm the peak horsepower will kick in. The top speed for the vehicle will be electronically limited to 155mph. With an optional M Driver’s package, the top speed will increase to 189mph. This car will have no problem keeping you going or getting you going on the highway or from a stop.

    With the new M5, there will be several different drive modes. When the vehicle is first started, the car will be in normal ‘4WD’ mode with a Dynamic Stability Control(DSC). This is where the driver can tune the drivetrain to their personal liking. In the standard 4WD with DSC, the M5 will still offer a good amount of slip before pulling the car back in. This mode is by no means dull as it can be made more aggressive based off of driver preferences. The M5 also offers a 2WD mode, which completely disconnects the front axle which places the vehicle into a full RWD. In all modes, the DSC can be completely shut off. If you’re the type of driver to do track driving, you have that option an can manipulate the vehicle to be in any drive you want it to be in.

    In the new BMW M5, there will be lots of technology. While it is clear that there will be no sacrifices made for its driving, the same can be said for the technology inside this vehicle. The shift lever has been changed so that it looks more intuitive than the past hold-to-operate tear drop shape. To configure the suspension, next to the shift lever, BMW has lined these buttons in red. They are the same as on previous models however, BMW has added a new button for us. BMW has finally given us the gift of a separate exhaust button! This will allow you to place the engine in comfort mode but still have the exhaust open and  loud. One of the other pieces of technology was BMW’s new heads-up display specific to M Performance cars.

    With this new release, BMW has offered us 400 special edition units sold world wide called the ‘First Edition’.  These models will go on sale next spring. If you’re interested in the ‘First Edition’ model, you will have a Frozen Dark Red metallic with high gloss shadow-line trim that will really make the car stand out. The black lined accents paired with this Red make everything about the linework of the car stand out. On the inside, the adornments will be a Piano Black Finish with availably Smoke White interior upholstery and contrasting red stitching. The First Edition Models will be completely unique as they will get a special number plaque which will show off the chassis number.

    Most in the world of BMW have highly anticipated this vehicle’s release for some time now. To see it come to fruition is a very exciting for BMW fanatics. We can’t wait to see if it will live up to being the most impressive M car to date.

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