BMW Announces i3S for 2018

BMW has just announced a new variation to our beloved i3, the i3S. This is a sportier, peppier version of our current i3. With this i3s, you may  not notice a lot of exterior changes as they are fairly subtle. The BMW i3s sits on a track that is 40mm wider. The suspension has been lowered 10mm. The accents on the vehicle are black, making for a more aggressive looking vehicle. BMW gave the i3S very special tires. The tires are 20” wheels with a tire that is a half an inch wider, allowing for more grip to the road. As a compliment to its new and sporty suspension, the BMW i3S also gets a powerboost. The new i3 has a 184 horsepower and 199 lb-ft torque electric motor. It is estimated this sportier i3 will go 0-60 in 6.8 seconds, approximately half a second faster than your average car.


What might be more important the sportier look and feel is the new charging options. With the 360 ELECTRIC package, BMW offers a Turbo Chord EV Charger. It is a $500 accessory, about 50% less cost than the current extra charging option. This new power chord works with all vehicles capable of accepting a level 1 and level 2 charger. The chord is a super chord capable of charging from a 120v charger as well as from a Level 2 charge as 3.6 kW from 240V outlets. This new i3s is expected to arrive in the upcoming year with a formal debut a the Frankfurt Motor Show. This car is by no means a performance vehicle but it is going to be a good middle ground between those who want a more energy efficient drive and those who want a little more pep than your average ride to work. Keep your eyes open for this one, it’s bound to be a success!

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