Charging Your Electric Vehicle

     When you take the plunge into buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, choosing the right charger can be quite the challenging task. From BMW, there are a few different options for you to choose from. The first is at no cost to you, called a Level 1 Charger. A Level 1 charger is often referred to as a ‘trickle charger’ as it charges your vehicle slowly using a 120 volt outlet. Using a Level 1 Charger could take 13-14 hours as you only gain 7-8 miles of i3 range per hour charging.

      A Level 2 charger is also an option. A Level2 Charger uses a 240volt outlet, allowing up to 80 amps to pass through the cable at a time.  This charging option may be best for you if you drive 30-40 miles a day or if your electric company offers you discounts for time of use.  This charging option will give you 10-26 miles of i3 range per hour charging. A Level 2 charger will typically take about 4-5 hours from empty.

    The fastest charging option for you electric BMW is a DC Fast Charger. This option is not available as an option for in home charging typically because of it’s cost and the amount of power needed. This type of charger is sometimes available at public charging stations and has the capability to bring your vehicle from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. The DC Fast Charge is a 480 Volt charger which is what takes it such little time to bring it up to such a high percentage charge so quickly.

    If  you have any questions about purchasing an electric vehicle or if you would like to schedule a test drive with a product specialist, give us at (908)287-1800 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about hybrid and electric vehicle technology.