2019 M2 Competition

The 2019 M2 Competition is a one of a kind vehicle. There are some cosmetic similarities with the current M2 and the M2 Competition, but underneath there are major performance revisions. The one major difference everyone is going crazy over is that the M2 Competition is going to have a slightly detuned S55 engine. That’s right, the engine we find in the M3 and M4, will be in the M2 Competition. Just because I say, “slightly detuned”, does not change anything. The M2 Competition goes from 0-60 is an incredible 4 seconds flat while pushing out 405 hp and 406 lb-ft, where the original M2 goes from 0-60 in 4.2 and pushes out 365 hp and 343 lb-ft.


The M2 Competition has some upgrades with the interior and exterior too. For one, the seats. The seats in a current M2 have the seats from the BMW 2 series. The M2 Competition has the seats from the M3 and M4 that come with either black seats and blue stitching, or black seats with orange stitching. Both types of seats come with an illuminated “M2” logo on the seatback. The one minor adjustment that was made with the M2 Competition is that the start/stop engine button is now red.


The exterior of the M2 Competition has more of an aggressive look to it. The new wheels we are introduced to are the standard 19” wheels with a Y Spoke Design. We are also introduced to the new M Mirrors on the M2. These mirrors come directly from the M4 to give it that extra aggressive look. The back of the M2 Competition has a few upgrades from the previous model. It comes with black exhaust pipes and the black M2 badge. These new upgrades are not a bad thing because the M2 looks the best from the back.


Overall the M2 Competition has more of a dramatic look to it with all of the new additions. BMW did a great job by keeping the look of the original M2 that we all love and adore, but still managed to add the aggressive features by not changing the car completely.

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