BMW Connected Drive

Technology is constantly updating and BMW does a phenomenal job of keeping up with it. BMW created Connected Drive to keep customers in the loop while being safe while on the road.


Connected Drive comes free with every new car for four years. If navigation were in your car, you would have Advanced Real Time Traffic Information and Traffic Information. ARTTI is live traffic feed like you would see on Google Maps or Waze. In the event there is a ton of traffic to your destination, your car would search for a faster route and once the car finds another route, you can choose whether or not you would like to take that route or if you wanted to stay on the current route. Traffic Information gives you the ability to look at other areas where there is current traffic. For example, bridges, main highways, county roads, etc.


Connected Drive Apps are also included with new cars for four years as well. Under the “Connected Drive” option on your BMW infotainment, there are apps that keep you up to date with from current news to looking for a great place to eat with the family. “Park Now” was introduced to the Connected Drive App recently. That app will allow you to find parking in a major city.


BMW also has an app that is for your smart phone. That is called BMW Connected. BMW Connected allows you to lock and unlock your doors, flash your lights, honk your horn and even check the fuel milage. Another option the app has is sending navigation points from your car to the phone. If you’re in a rush in the morning and you don’t have time to enter the address in the BMW Navigation System, all you have to do is type the address into your app and it will be ready and waiting in the car for you. BMW Connected Drive App also allows you to ventilate your vehicle. Now this does not mean it will turn your car on and put the air conditioning or heat on. It will actually open the vents in your vehicle to allow fresh air into your vehicle. The BMW Connected Drive App will also allow you to find your car anywhere in North America. Say you’re on a business trip in Seattle and you live in New Jersey. You can check the app and see exactly where your car is or if it moved in any way.


BMW is continuing to add new technology into the app and the vehicles as well. In the next few years or so, we can definitely expect BMW to blow our minds with the new technology they will be putting into their vehicles.

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