Hybrid Cars

   Hybrids are vehicles that have a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The majority of the automotive industry has vehicles in their inventory that are hybrids. There are many benefits of hybrids, but the main focus point of hybrids is to minimize pollution in the air.


Other than minimizing pollution, hybrids are beneficial in other ways. One benefit of hybrids is the incentives. Hybrid consumers can potentially receive a federal tax incentive up to $4,668. Who doesn’t love saving money? I know I do! Another benefit is the regenerative braking. Meaning, when you are breaking, your battery will slightly charge. The last thing hybrids are good for is that there is no more fuel dependency. Because of the electric motor combined with the gasoline engine, going to the gas station is not going to be as frequent.

BMW offers a wide range of hybrids from sedans to SAV’s. BMW has a 3 series, 5 series, 7 series and an X5 hybrid car in their lineup. These vehicles can reach about 15 to 20 miles on just pure electric and can take about 5 hours to charge. With the BMW, you can change between different "eDrive" modes. MAX eDrive only uses the battery, Auto eDrive the car chooses between electric and gasoline engine and then there is Save Battery Mode, which just uses the gas engine, and the battery can charge depending on certain driving situations such as breaking or highway speeds. 

In the end, hybrids can be money savers. With combining the gasoline engine and the electric motor, they are the way of the future for the economy and environment. 

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