X1 or X2? You Decide!

This year BMW released a vehicle that has a unique, urban look to it. You guessed it, it’s the X2. The X2 came into BMW’s lineup earlier year and has made an impression on the BMW community. Most people ask, “what is the difference between the X1 and the X2?” The X1 and the X2 have a few similarities but are different in their own ways.



The X1 and the X2 do not have a drastic size difference. The X2 is 3 inches shorter and 3.3 inches lower than the X1. Unfortunately, if you excel in the height department, your headroom and leg room is limited in the X2. The X2 also has smaller luggage capacity than the X1. The X1 can handle about 27.1 cubic feet while the X2 can only handle about 21.6 cubic feet.  If you’re looking for a family friendly SAV with a decent amount of room, the X1 would be the better option.



Next we have the style of the X1 and the X2. The X2 has larger wheels, crazy interior colors such as Magma Red Dakota Leather, and even a gold exterior option. There is even extra roundel badging on the exterior of the car located on the c-pillar. If you want people to know you’re a BMW driver, the X2 will show it. The X1 has a more of a conservative look with their interior and exterior color choices. The X2 was designed to appeal to the sportier, edgier consumer while the X1 consumer does not want to be the center of attention.



The driving style of the X1 and X2 are also very different. With the X2 being closer to the ground, it is more stable and able to change direction quicker. The suspension has been altered with a more negative camber and thicker anti-roll bars to make the vehicle more agile than the X1. Despite both of these cars having the ever so popular xDrive all-wheel drive system, neither of these cars would be idle to take off of the pavement and onto the gravel.



The X1 and the X2 have some similarities and of course some differences. Both vehicles make statements no matter where they are. So, who do you choose?



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