Benefits of Run Flat Tires

A run flat tire is a tire you can continue to drive on after a puncture happens, so you can safely get to an auto repair shop. Run flat tires appeared in the 1980’s and today are a very common tire we see on vehicles. Most auto manufacturers have run flat tires standard, with BMW being one of them.


One of the benefits of run flat tires is you don’t have to change your tire in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. Run flat tires give you the ability to drive up to 50 miles to safely get to a destination and avoid any problems. Conventional tires unfortunately do not give you the ability to continue to drive for an extended period of time. No matter where you are, you must change your flat tire.


If you are in a situation where a puncture does occur, run flat tires are more stable than conventional tires. Run flat tires are made to support your vehicle even when the tire contains no air. The run flat tire will help you maintain better control of your vehicle when your tire has loss of air, unlike conventional tires which will not.


The run flat tire even gives you extra trunk space. When a vehicle has a spare tire, it eliminates the trunk space. Run flat tires do not have that issue because they do not require a spare tire. The run flat tire even eliminates extra weight to the vehicle. When a spare tire is in the vehicle’s trunk, it adds about 20-25 pounds.


Run flat tires are a benefit to all drivers. Eliminates uncomfortable situations, continue to drive on a flat and does not add on extra weight. It may be a matter of time before they become the "normal" tire found on cars.
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