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Guess what BMW enthusiasts, the BMW X3 M and X4 M have officially been released. BMW made this announcement in the middle of February and both models will be MY 2020. The X3M and the X4M are powered by the high-revving 473 hp S58 3.0 liter 6-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine. For those who love performance and excitement, both the X3M and the X4M will be available in Competition versions with 503 hp.

The X3M and the X4M will be built at Plant Spartanburg in Spartanburg, SC. Plant Spartanburg is the home of our X Models that vary from the X3 to the X7. Fun fact, Plant Spartanburg is the largest BMW production plant in the world. 70% of BMW’s that are produced in Spartanburg are exported overseas which makes BMW the largest exporter of vehicles from the United States by value. The X3M and X4M will be filled with new technology, standard features and even a new engine. 

Most Recent M TwinPower Turbo Engine Technology

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Under the hood of the X3M and the X4M you will find the new S58 6-cylinder in-line engine. This features a forged crankshaft allowing it to handle extremely high levels of torque. The low weight and reduced rotating mass of the forged crankshaft allows the engine to rev to a 7,200 rpm redline. The 6-cylinder's engine block has a closed-deck design which ensures it is incredibly rigid, allowing higher combustion pressure and increased power. The cylinder walls have a wire-arc that is sprayed-on iron coating which reduces both engine weight and frictional loss. The cylinder head has a core manufacture using a 3D printer. The 3D printing enables shapes and sizes to be created that are not capable of conventional metal casting techniques. 3D printing cuts the weight of new engine’s cylinder head core and allows the coolant ducts to be routed in a way that optimizes temperature management.

High Precision Injection technology raises maximum fuel injection pressure from 200 bar to 350 bar, producing exceptionally efficient mixing of air and fuel. The atomization of the fuel in the combustion chambers reduces emissions, especially when the vehicle is fully accelerating at high speeds.

The 6-cylinder in-line engine produced its top torque of 442 lb-ft between 2,600 rpm and 5,600 rpm. In the X3M and X4M Competition models on the other hand, the top torque is in between 2,600 rpm and 5,950 rpm. The maximum horsepower output is at 6,250 rpm and keeps its potent power delivery until the redline, 7,200 rpm. The X3M and the X4M go from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds while the Competition models go from 0-60 in 4.0 seconds. The top speed of both models is 155 mph but, if the driver chooses to add the optional M Driver’s Package, the top speed rises to 174 mph and 177 mph in the Competition models.


Dual Exhaust with Electrically Controlled Flaps and Four Tailpipes

720 × 405The exhaust system designed for the X3M and the X4M not only puts out minimum back pressure, but also an exhilarating soundtrack. The dual-branch pipework releases exhaust gas through two pairs of 4” tailpipes.

The electronically controlled flaps help produce the exciting engine note M cars are very well known for. The sound is cued through three different driving modes; standard, SPORT and SPORT+. With the M Competition models, standard you will have an M Sport exhaust system. The M Sport exhaust system gives the engine an aggressive sound especially when the car is being pushed and at high revs.


First-Ever X3M and X4M M xDrive, RWD Biased

The X3M and the X4M will have BMW’s famous xDrive. This plays a very important and exciting part for the all new X3M and the X4M because this will test the limits and the wide range of performance capabilities. This720 × 405 system combines traction-related benefits of sending power to all four wheels with the continually proven dynamic qualities of the classic rear wheel drive. The controlled M xDrive works in tandem with the Dynamic Stability Control system and only sends power to the front wheels if the rear wheels reach the limit of their traction.

Drivers can distribute the power between the front and rear wheels with the touch of a button. M Dynamic Mode gives the driver access to the M xDrive 4 Wheel Drive Sport option. This sends even more power to the rear wheels. For example, this will enable controlled drifting in the event the driver needs to drift. DSC Off Mode (with DCS deactivated), has been optimized for dynamic track driving situations and can even be combined with the standard AWD setting 4WD or with the 4WD Sport Mode.

The controlled interaction between M xDrive and the rear Active M Differential is responsible for transporting the engine’s endless output through the car’s wheels with as little driving loss of power as possible. The torque is distributed between the front and rear wheels effortlessly before the Active M Differential varies the rear lockup between 0 and 100%. This will provide enhanced traction, directional and agility stability especially when the car is being driven in a very sporty way or on roads with differing levels of grip. Stabilizing interventions by the DSC system are only necessary in extreme driving situations.


Pronounced BMW M Driving Qualities

1400 × 788An unbelievable amount of M details and the precision of tuning the chassis helped ingrain the Sports Activity Vehicle and Sports Activity Coupe with their focus on performance. Both double-joint spring strut front suspension and five-link rear suspension feature model-specific bushings help to deliver precise wheel location and directional stability.

In order to give the X3M, X4M and Competition models their M-specific handling traits, the front suspension is fitted with custom swivel bearings, wishbones and torque arms. The specially designed bearings are used to channel the forces by the control arms to the suspension subframe and the vehicle body, while the increased front wheel camber enhances handling stability and control through corners.

The rear suspension also boosts M-specific components and personalized bushings that add to that classic M driving we all know and love. The stiff design of the camber arm, combined with M-specific rubber mounts, delivers an even greater precision and agility for the X3M or X4M. The X3M, X4M and the Competition models come model specific anti-roll bars. With the increase of ridges, there is a more direct response, which results in a noticeable reduction in body roll and even more precise handling.


BMW X Model Shapes, M Design Features

The exterior of the X3M and the X4M takes the aggressive and powerful looks, which is shared by the entire971 × 519 X lineup. This includes a long wheelbase, short overhangs, hexagonal wheel arches, and clean-cut, crisp lines. To complete the picture, M features are the star of these vehicles. At the side of the large air intakes and aerodynamically enhanced front bumper, both of these models will have a black double bar kidney grill. The Competition models however will have a high-gloss black finish surrounding the kidney grill.

The well-known M gills are placed into the Air Breathers on the front fenders of the X3M and X4M. The M design exterior mirrors reduce an aerodynamic drag. A model-specific rear diffuser, flanked by a pair of exhaust tailpipes on each side distinguishes the designed rear bumpers of both the X3M and the X4M.

There are several choices of exterior colors for the X3M, X4M and the Competition models. BMW introduces Toronto Red Metallic to the X3M and X4M lineup and a color exclusive to M cars, Donington Grey Metallic. The X3M and X4M Competition models have unique features to bring out their aggressive characteristics including a High-gloss black finish kidney grill, exterior mirrors caps and M gills.


Sporty Interior

1013 × 675Standard options in the X3M and the X4M include sports seats, Vernasca leather upholstery in either Black or Oyster with the M logo at the top of the backseats, and Aluminum Carbon Structure interior trim. The X3M and X4M Competition on the other hand come standard with M Sport seats in extended Merino leather upholstery in either Black or bi-color choices in Sakhir Orange/Black or Adelaide Grey. The bi-color interior options are options for the X3M and the X4M as well.


X3M and X4M Standard Equipment

720 × 405Just like the interior design of the X3M and the X4M, the equipment in these vehicles are what BMW is all about, luxury and power. The design of the instrument cluster and center console controls are for the powertrain and suspension functions which helps optimize controllable handling even in highly dynamic driving situations.

Enjoy the entertainment system which includes 1-year trial of Sirius XM Radio, and Navigation with CarPlay compatibility. Other standard options include Adaptive Full LED lights, Harmon Kardon sound system, Comfort Access keyless entry and  advanced driving assistant systems including Active Guard, Active Protection, Active Driving Assistant and Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation.

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