2200 × 1467If you’re anything like me, you love fast cars, aggressive features and even all wheel drive. The BMW M5 has it all. The M5 is one of the fastest cars BMW has built to this date. The M5 caters to the spirited driver and even the conservative driver. From changing the all-wheel drive to 2-wheel drive and even softening your suspension for a more comfortable ride, the M5 does it all. BMW gave the all-new M5 a complete makeover inside and out and even under the hood. The M5 is one of the most important redesigns BMW has done and will challenge any competitor that comes in its way. The improvements on the new M5 are having drivers go crazy. 


This Thing is FAST

1920 × 1080The BMW M5 is one of the fastest vehicles you will see on the road today and wears the Ultimate Driving Machine title with pride. The M5’s 0-60 is an incredible 3.2 seconds. Do you know how many vehicles have that type of power? Not too many. The previous generation of the M5's horsepower was 560. The horsepower of this monster is 600. Yes, you read that correctly, 600 horsepower. If you want even more thrills, the M5 Competition has 617 horsepower. The torque in the M5 is even phenomenal, it’s 553 lb-ft. Someone over in Germany must be an advocate for speed and thrills. Under the hood of the M5 you will find a 4.4-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8. This combines two turbochargers with a variable valve control and high precision direct injection. Basically, this car is a rocket ship with four wheels.


Aggressive Exterior

480 × 360Looking for a high-performance vehicle with a jaw dropping design? It looks like you’re looking for the M5. The M5 is an aggressive 4-door sedan that has one of the most powerful engines BMW has built. BMW created the M5 to be a little conservative but added enough stunning detail to make it stand out. On the outside, the M5 is lowered to create a more aggressive stance. You will also notice the quad-tailpipe exhaust system for aggressive sounds and bold looks. The M5 comes with a choice of sleek wheels which measure up to 20 inches. The M5 has an array of colors for you to choose from which range from Alpine White, Black Sapphire and even Snapper Rocks Blue. The M5 offers a variety of individual colors such as Champagne Quartz Metallic, Azurite Black Metallic, Rhodonite Silver Metallic and Almandine Brown Metallic.


Sporty Yet Luxurious Interior

1280 × 720You’d expect the M5 interior to be luxurious, yet sporty. The M5’s interior is exactly that. The M5 offers metal pedals to allow optimal traction and comfort for the enthusiastic driverl. High-quality leather upholstery is also available for premium luxury. You can even combine the luxurious leather upholstery with carbon fiber trim if you like. This combination would accurately reflect the M5’s unique blend of performance and luxury. Keep in mind that no matter what interior options you specify, BMW models are the Ultimate Driving Machines. This means that the interior of the 2019 M5 is focused on the driver.


Lets Accessorize!

182 × 182The M5 has some awesome accessories. If you want your M5 to sound even meaner than it already sounds, I highly recommend the M Performance Titanium Exhaust System. This system creates an aggressive sound that will make drivers speechless. It’s like bringing the racetrack to the road. Besides the sound of the exhaust, it even looks aggressive. The carbon double pipes give the M5 an aggressive, sporty look. The second accessory I recommend is 182 × 182the M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. This performance accessory is made of premium, quality carbon fiber which emphasizes the car’s power and compliments the M5’s design. With its sharp looks, the tough fins ensure the M5 looks more dynamic and aggressive than ever. Lastly, I would add the M Performance Carbon Fiber182 × 182 Front Splitter. The front splitter makes a bold statement and is made of 100% carbon fiber. This BMW accessory is even manufactured by hand. It provides optimum aerodynamics while it showcases the vehicle’s aggressive appearance. The front splitter is a look for the driver who refuses to be average.


All-Wheel Drive M Car?

569 × 314The BMW M5 is the first M car, not SAV or SAC, to be all-wheel drive. BMW calls the all-wheel drive system M xDrive. It features some hardware you will find in the 5 Series and other all-wheel drive BMWs. The BMW M5 is still rear-wheel bias and can be adjusted with three different modes. The M xDrive modes include 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive sport and 2-wheel drive. 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive sport distribute the torque to all four tires. 4-wheel drive is perfect for severe weather conditions such as snow and ice. The 4-wheel drive is designed to keep the M5 planted to the ground. 4-wheel drive sport is when the M5 is at its best. The 4-wheel drive sport is the most effective way to get the power to the M5 rather than losing power when the wheels spin. 2-wheel drive is when the torque is transferred to the front wheels as the rear tires sense a loss of grip. You may be going through quite a few rear tires down the road.


The M5 is one of the fastest cars BMW has created to this date. It was designed for the spirited driver and even the conservative one. The updates to this vehicle are incredible and breathtaking. Stop by BMW of Bridgewater to check out our M5 line up!

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