If you keep a second vehicle for only occasional use or haven’t had a reason to drive your primary vehicle lately, you’ll still want to keep it in operating condition so it’s ready when you need it. From keeping the battery charged to changing the oil, even an idle car needs maintenance.

Don't Neglect Your Idle BMW

In addition to regularly cleaning the exterior so things like bird droppings, tree sap, or pollution don’t have a chance to permanently etch your paint or begin the process of rust, it’s a good idea to start your engine and let it run. Your battery needs to maintain its charge, and leaving the vehicle sitting idle for weeks might require a jump to get the battery charged again.

Take Your BMW Out for a Drive

Your engine oil is another area that can benefit from running your engine. Over time, condensation can form, leading to corrosion inside your engine. Driving at freeway speeds for a few minutes will evaporate this condensation, keeping oil quality effective at lubricating engine parts. Your oil should be changed at least twice per year, even if you’re not regularly driving your vehicle.

Tires aren’t exempt from damage incurred by sitting idle. Left too long in one position, tires can actually develop a flat spot that never goes away. Drive your car for a few minutes and check the tire pressure regularly. If you must leave a vehicle sitting for months at a time, remove the tires or elevate the vehicle on a lift so the tires aren’t touching the ground.

Rust can build up on your brakes if left idle. Be sure to drive your car regularly to avoid rust buildup and to remove any currently there.

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